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What’s in your handbag?

Handbags have always been a piece of profound secret and mystery to men. Just like the way men don’t understand women, same way, they don’t understand her handbag. So much is the ignorance, or call it, innocence, that most men do not even know what to call a bag. Some describe it as ‘that purse of yours’ or ‘the wallet that you carry in your hand’. Some even label it ‘that pocketbag’ or simply ‘that thing’ completing the sentence with a small demonstration with his hands. It is fun, in a way, seeing these men of wits and accomplishment coming down to a level where they start playing nomenclature for a simple bag!

Handbag is to a woman what watch is to a man. A commodity for exhibition, a commodity with a practical purpose, and something that clings on to us every day! The carryall is infact a very personal and reserved item, so much that there’s an invisible tag of ‘do not touch’ splattered all over it. So, taking a sneak peek is considered rude, not only for husbands but also for mothers, sisters, daughters and bosom friends. Such is the power, complexity and mystery of a woman’s bag, so don’t you men folks mess with it!

Shopping is fun, entertaining and therapeutic, but it can be difficult and utterly confusing if you are thrown into an environment of endless choices and attractive alternatives. Like clothes and shoes, bags too have so many aspects to it. To begin with, you have what type of bag to buy and terminologies like hobo, tote, satchel, clutch, pouch, wallet, shoulder bag, change purse etc can make your head spin. ‘What type’ is followed by ‘which color.’ If men thought, bags only came in the archetypal colors, black and white, then they are wrong, because, the market is flooded with myriad of shades – pink, metallics, greens, purple, red and all the rainbow colors! For some shoppers, fabric is also an important aspect to take into account. The list is long, and you have at your disposal leather, faux leather, canvas, satin, microfiber, denim, nylon, polyester, PVC and what not! The last and probably the most important yardstick is brandand price. From lifestyle brands like Nine West, Baggilini and Le Sportsac to luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Coach and Versace to replicas of these big names to Walmart-bought bags, you have a thousand bags to choose from. Bag shopping is complex and tough, it is like stepping your foot on a quicksand and voila! it welcomes you in, takes you in your embrace and keeps pulling you down!

When you overcome ‘what to buy’, then ‘what you bought’ can only bring you joy, joy and more joy. In your heart you sing, in your toes you dance, and then get ready to put your world inside. Mints, keys, hair clips, old lip balms, new lip gloss, broken face mirror that’s yet to be replaced, chocolates, toddler food and drink, old and new receipts, ear rings, diary, pens that are functional, pens that aren’t functional (if I shake twice, it may write!), red lipstick (he may invite me for a date tonight), medicines, gum sticks, pads & tampons (I can give a friend/colleague in need), mobile phone, a watch that needs to be fixed, lunch box, foldable umbrella (what if it rains!), books, e-reader, sunglasses, moisturizer, face towel, napkins & wet wipes (I can use it if public restroom runs out of toilet paper), and of course credit cards and money. This is just a microscopic view of what lies there. The inside of a woman’s bag is dark, cluttered, intriguing and enigmatic, and could tell you few new interesting things about her. But who dare invite trouble, isn’t it?

What do you have inside your handbag or what items do you usually carry?

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  1. VIWA February 28, 2012 at 9:00 am - Reply

    @ Anita – Oh! yes, a woman’s bag is always cluttered and stuffed with too many things. You saw mine on Facebook…want to share a pic of yours?

  2. anita February 28, 2012 at 3:06 am - Reply

    Interesting topic…My shoulder bag… it is always loaded with so many items.

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