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Bedtime story

I straighten the creases of last night’s mess
Dust every shred of its remains
Smoothen the sheet, fluff the pillows
Tuck the bed skirt, flatten the duvet cover
Put yesterday in antiquity
Get ready for a new day of duty.

There’s something about a freshly made bed
There’s much power in its appearance
Resembles a battle succeeded
Reeks of a strong commitment
Looks like a clean slate, to rewrite your fate
They say, one good thing leads to another thing
I hope there’s much truth in the telling
With that thought in mind I go to work
My bed watching me as I leave her alone.

As night falls
My bed calls
The virgin sheets inviting me
Enticing the beast in me
I rip open the sheets tucked tightly
Slip in it recklessly
My tired bones full of agony
My heart unable to hold the day’s secrecy
I put my head on a pillow folded in half
Stretch my legs over a pillow under my calf
I toss and turn
I pull and push
I wipe my mouth
I scratch my head
I make a big mess
Totally abuse my poor bed.

My bed soaked in memories
Reminding me of things I have buried
As I put my face in pillow
A familiar scent fills up my heart
The faint smell of the oil and the cream
Taking me to last night’s dream
Threads of hair lying here and there
Teasing me of my clandestine affair
As I cover my face and close my eyes
Faint murmur echoes nearby
Of words exchanged between my bed and I.

I surrender to the night’s calling
Sleep on my past
to wake up in the present
to face the light of a new beginning.

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