The World of Silence

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The World of Silence

Silence is conversation
A gentle whisper
A private moment
An exchange between a mother and her infant.

Silence is hesitation
An insecurity
An understanding
When lips shake going into a sensitive terrain.

Silence is absence
An emptiness
An insatiable thirst
When heart pines for the loved ones who are no more.

Silence is retreat
A little hideout
A quick escape
When the load becomes too much to bear.

Silence is realization
A nudge
A wake-up call
It’s the morning rooster to remind us tomorrow is now today.

Silence is boredom
A state of mind
A dullness that sets in
When life stops to entertain.

Silence is meeting point
A desperation
A yearning
A rendezvous with God when we feel all alone.

Silence is graveyard
A punishment
A price we pay
When the heart forgets to sway.

Silence is nothing.

Silence is everything.

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