Sweet Indian Summer Rain

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Sweet Indian Summer Rain

I stand in the balcony
Sipping a cuppa hot tea
Dunking a Marie in my chai
When it falls and floats I sigh
My eyes gazing at the vast grassy plain
Getting drenched in the sweet Indian summer rain.

As nature rolls out its green carpet
to welcome the luminary and the nobody
A familiar scent fills the air
Ah! The fresh, earthly smell
Making me feel like I’m born again.

Lovers romancing in the rain
Running hastily to catch a train
Barefoot children splashing in muddy puddles
Mothers singing rain songs to babies in cradle
Not far away
A peacock dancing in ecstasy
Calling its mate to indulge in a fantasy.

When rain drums against the tiled roof
Reminds me I am so aloof!
Beads of water trickling down the bucket
Drop by drop begins to fill the emptiness
When rainwater taps against the window
Washes the dirt of the panes
Lifts my spirit and takes away my pain
Notes of nature when meet in harmony
It reminds me of a blissful matrimony!
But with only much joy in the heart
Can we truly appreciate beauty of the art!

When rain hits the hot earth
With great mercy douses her wrath
The litter outside, and the bitter inside
All the hate, and sinful mates
Mother Earth forgets and forgives us for a day.
And once again,
Rainbow smiles
Up a hundred miles
Lotus blossoms
Koel hums
Hearts unchain
All in the sweet Indian summer rain.

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