While walking in an art gallery
Showcasing my life in entirety
To my surprise I find only me
Anticipating to behold the beauty.

A collage of pictures adorn the walls
Their warmth and color tone
Invoking a feeling of I know
A familiar notion crosses my mind
As if I’ve seen them in another time
This episode of déjà vu
Hits me really hard
Where am I? Where am I?
I vent out, I agonize
Oh! It’s my memory I shortly realize!

Where people, places and different phases meet
Yet it is a lonely place to be in.

I take a long walk in my museum
Glance over at my collection
Happy moments, sad moments
Bitter moments, proud moments
Make up my life’s doings
These trophies and monuments
are my life’s earnings
My memory shows me the mirror
Tells me how I’ve fared on life-o-meter
States my life’s actual worth
Whether I am rich or poor!

When moments turn into memories
That’s how we know we are ageing
Moments are like grapes…tender and ripe
But memory is the wine
That we relish in sweet divine!

Strange place this memory is
It’s here we refuse to cease
It’s only here we’re always young
and truly free.

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