Christmas lights

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Christmas lights

its cold roofs warmed with icicle lights
hedges and bushes wrapped with string lights
scented candles shimmer on snow-covered porch
rows of candy canes sweeten the front lawn
a magnolia wreath hangs with pride
the red door is open wide
this house, glows the brightest
looks no less than a new bride.

on christmas night
oh! what a sinful sight
tempting the bypassers
awakening hidden desires
this house, smiles the brightest
as flashbulbs burst into bright light.

on day after christmas
the bride is a widow
stripped of her glory
disrobed slowly and completely
one by one her lights flicker and die
the red of her festivity turns a pale white
her warmth stolen by the cold, merciless clime.

oh! fate has been unkind
this house, shone in the limelight
played cinderella for just one night.

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