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Two Cultures, One Marriage

The world is becoming smaller. The reach of communications and ease of travel has made it so much easier to meet someone from another state, a neighboring country or an entirely different continent. What was very difficult a century ago, today distance is just in the geographical map or perhaps only in the mind. The wonders of modern technology like Internet and mobile phones have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those seeking love, a date or a marriage partner.

The concept of marriage in India has undergone a tremendous amount of change since its independence, and with time, marriage too acquired its freedom. No wonder in present times marriages between individuals of different faiths, ethnicities, caste and geographic regions have become so common that every day you get to hear a Malayali Christian marrying a Bengali, a Tamil Muslim marrying a tribal from Assam or a Gujarati marrying an American! This only shows people are willing to experiment and move out of their comfort zone. However, on the face of it, intercultural marriage seems complex and difficult. It is, in a way, especially if you compare with the comforts of a traditional marriage. Nevertheless, as we all know, every marriage needs hard work, commitment and dedication, and has its own share of challenges and rewards.

Are you someone getting married to a man from another culture? Now that you have chosen your mate, get ready to take that leap of faith, and while you embrace his culture, don’t forget where you came from. Your roots and upbringing is a significant part of you and something you are proud of, don’t let marriage take that away from you. So make sure your husband is wise enough to know that a person can change only to a certain extent. Moreover, like other rules of marriage, the willingness to learn and adjust has to come from both the sides. Once both of you reach this level of understanding, half of the work is done, and beyond that, there’s only fun, mystery and an exciting world waiting for you.

An intercultural marriage is a classic example of unity in diversity. Exposure to cultural diversities enables couples to see life from many perspectives and this know-how helps them in their personal lives, to combat their own marital differences. Not only the adults, even the children begin to develop a sense of appreciation for other cultures and understand the concept of ‘one world’. Eventually as you proceed with your marital life, all these lessons on love, life and of the world will expand your horizons and help you grow as a person!

Coming together is just beginning of something great and profound. So, let the mystery unfold itself. In the mean time, all you can do is build a home with pillars of love, hope and trust, and keep moving.

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  1. Tejinder Singh February 28, 2012 at 4:09 am - Reply

    I don’t quite agree that remaining identified with one’s own roots and value system is really a good way of going about one’s marriage or for that matter Life in general. I think most of human problems arise because of our national, cultural and psychological identifications. Most of us don’t individualize and rather live as archetypes….as Indians….as Communists…as Bengali…..etc. And wherever there is identification there is conflict because consciously or unconsciously we tend to be righteous about what we identify with. Therefore to my mind a good balanced relationship or even Life in general depends a lot on evolution of mind in a free environment where there are no identifications , no cocksure value systems and no static life pattern.

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