The Power of Two

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The Power of Two

What good is one hand alone
It can salute, it can feed
Write a letter and throw a kiss
But two hands, when they come together
From a conceited fool, you become a real man
Your ego it shrinks, your pride it swallows
It even prays to end the world’s sorrows
In its most humble and sincere bows…
The wordless gesture is a powerful deed
Sends memos and offers of everlasting friendship.

What good is woman alone
She can bake goodies, she can knit mittens
Do the dishes and nurture everybody’s wishes
But when from one, she becomes two
And she asserts
The growing man in her…
Along with her body,
Her power doubles too.
She finds a new voice
She starts making healthy choices
She becomes angel in disguise
Who no one dare despise
Oh! how powerful she must feel
To be able to give birth to another human being
Does she feel like God herself
Who gave birth to Adam and Eve?

What good are your lips alone
It can pout, it can smile
Talk for endless hours and say the nicest words
Alas when alone, it can get bored.
But when your lips come together with his lips
It sets the hearts afire
Turn wants into desire
Enchant you with its magic wand
Transport you to a faraway land.
The power of a kiss is simply undeniable
How simply it brings two humans close
So close they don’t see anything else
Is that why they call love is blind?

What good is man alone
He can create wealth, he can build health
Solve the toughest problems, fight the biggest crimes
Even craft something called house
But when a man and a woman, when they come together
Make a loving nest called home
Where you smell love,
Where you sight passion,
Where you hear laughter,
Where you feel ‘I belong’
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
In this loving nest called home,
There’s many, many moments to savor
Now and forever.

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  1. roh April 26, 2013 at 6:44 am - Reply

    Good. Very good indeed.

    • VIWA April 26, 2013 at 1:41 pm - Reply

      @ Roh – Thanks 🙂

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