A tree story

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A tree story

Near my home there is a mighty tree
Whose warmth and aura envelops me
Its spreading boughs, far and wide
Strong enough to hold a tide
Its burly roots, deep and down
With utmost pride, it holds the crown.

In the light of the day
The tree becomes playground
With lots a creatures to be found
Squirrels hopping from one bow to another
Birds chirping to each other
Lazy lizards lounging in the sun
Worms and beetles having so much fun
In the event of the sunset sky
When Hellos turn into byes
The tree comes to its own
When one by one, they pack and go home.

In the spell of the Fall
The tree begins to shed all
One by one, and it all falls down
Making earth a burial ground
Of fallen greens and crushed dreams
Alas! in its misery I find my smile
A park and a lovely lake of two miles
Blue water, green grass and wild floral
Dogs in leash, old folks in stick
Ducks and beavers wading around
Kids and parents running in the surround
Alas! in its nakedness I find my happiness.

Come Summer
And the tree comes into leaf
One by one, and it all comes in a zip
Hope, dreams and all things green
Oh how I wait for its arrival
For I have many ideas to mull
In my wooden deck
There will be a party to make
Of friendly cheers and overflowing beers
And when the sun spreads
There will be a shade over my head
When I desire some intimacy
There will be a cover for my privacy
Oh! when the tree is birthing I’m secretly enjoying.

Near my home there is a mighty tree
Whose warmth and aura envelops me
Firm and rigid, without fear
It guards me from far and near
Oh! in its invincible altitude
I seem like really miniscule.

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