An Ode to Childhood

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An Ode to Childhood

As I walk backwards into the past
Retracing my steps of the times gone fast
There’s a happy journey waiting to start
Like the spring, I know it’ll warm my heart.

An era of moderation and plainness
Where every child was painted with innocence
Careless laughter and giggles abound
Echoing vociferously in the surround
Summer days of chasing butterflies and indulging in muddy fights
Climbing trees and picking berries in the wild
Night was another gala
Of sipping milk and reading Cinderella saga
Oh! Those were times when we fell for happy endings,
Believed that a prince would come to end our sufferings.

Holiday was a rare treat
Going to grandma’s house, a big retreat
Birthdays was a family affair
All ordinary, nothing debonair
Yet home looked like the themed park
Filled with balloons and confetti
Streamers looking like spaghetti
The centerpiece was my mama’s cake
There was much love when she baked
Oh! So few presents I collected,
Yet not for once I felt rejected.

My house had no garage
Because there was no car
Because we travelled on foot near and far
With one hand in mama’s hand
The other holding a lollipop
Oh! I had happiness with me in dollop!
Walking fast along that narrow path
When dusk would peep o’er the horizon
Wait to scare us with its emblazon
It was dark, yet I knew no fear
For home was just out there
For home was like womb
That kept me safe and warm.

Those glorious days
All etched in my faded memory
I take refuge in there
When I feel no one cares
Even a fraction of those memories I wish could keep
So that I could savor the moments whenever.
So that I could stay young forever.

Life was the biggest
When I was the smallest
Yeah! I was the happiest
When home was the closest.

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