A tale of two months

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A tale of two months

My dearest December,
You, I still remember
Cold weather and warm heart
Coming together in the final depart
In the short days and long nights
Amidst empty piggy banks
And wasted bottles of wine.

Stitching old holes
Trying to make a new whole
Oh! What forsaken month is this December,
This lazy month of binge and slumber!

O! December, you are the month of
giving and receiving
Soaked in the charm of your own festivity
You also behave like a wise old man
Telling tales of bygone days of three sixty five
Reflecting upon what you did
Regretting for what you didn’t
All the sins and all the lies
Coming back to haunt you at night.

I woke up from my sleepy
And there it was already January
I slept cold but I woke up warm
At the break of dawn
I did not feel the yawn!
A new sun shone on me
Pulsating energy fuelled me
I slept exhausted but woke up rejuvenated.

My dear January
You are the ultimate sanctuary
Coming upon us to rescue from our misery
You are like a clean slate
To write our own fate
To write a new story
Keeping our past in history
There is no backward, just forward
A new shift in the air
You make us forget our despair!

Come January, and it’s time to renew the vows
Get ride of the old and make new goals
Create something from absolute nothing
With better clarity and a new rush
Begin that walk again
On January’s field
Get ready to play a new game.

December is past glory
January is opportunity
That is the tale of two months
And their chemistry.

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      @ Anita – Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.

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