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Beautiful but Unknown!

Beauty doesn’t always mean being the most documented or the most photographed. Sometimes lesser known places and people contain immense beauty oozing with mystery and serenity!

From deep canyons and miles of white sands to dazzling rock formations and glacier streams, U.S. is home to an array of national parks and historic monuments. While some have been always remained as popular sites garnering tremendous attention, there are still plenty of other beautiful places that remain relatively unknown. Let’s explore five of the most exceptional and diverse parks and preserves in the country that can open for you a whole new door of other places to consider besides the usual Yellowstone, Yosemite and Smokey Mountain!

Canyon de Chilly

Many say that Canyon de Chelly is a better experience than Arizona’s other popular rival, Grand Canyon. Rich in history and filled with archeological ruins, Canyon de Chelly, is one of the longest continuously inhabited place in North America. Yes, the Navajo tribes still reside in some parts of the Canyon. The park’s most prominent feature is the Spider Rock, a 750 feet sandstone spire. If the haven of red rocks is a photographer’s delight, then the infinite spaces of the valley is the ideal place for a wanderlust to anchor himself and unwind!

Isle Royale

There is a place far, far away that still exists in its most primitive form, in the way Nature had designed. Isle Royale National Park is a wild beauty, however reaching there can be quite a daunting task. The place is so isolated that only a boat or a seaplane can take you there. Or, your foot could too. Isle Royale’s archipelago of 45 miles is a hiker’s favorite! Due to the difficulty of travel and hazardous weather conditions, Isle Royale gets only about 20,000 visitors a year, that number is what Yellowstone gets in a day! But whoever managed to reach, is all praises for Isle Royale.

Glacier national park

Glacier National Park is a name synonymous with beauty and bliss, and is one of those few places that hypnotizes you instantly. The awe-inspiring environment is infused with diverse ecosystems ranging from prairie to tundra to red cedar, and fantastic flora and fauna. It also offers 700 miles of trails that takes you through glacial lakes, forests, waterfalls, and mountain. Unfortunately, out of the 150 glaciers, today only 25 glaciers remain.

Great basin park

Think of Nevada, and you think Las Vegas. But there’s a hidden gem in that tiny state that’s devoid of strippers and gambling, or any kind of civilization! Welcome to the Great Basin National Park – a place that offers glacier-sculpted mountain, beautiful cave, alpine lakes and ancient pines. One of its most spectacular offerings is its sky. Considered as one of the darkest sky in the country; it provides an ideal setting for viewing the stars and celestial objects!

Denali park

When you reach Denali, you realize you are really away from civilization because the nearest major town is 120 miles away. Denali is wild yet tamed, remote yet accessible. Abound with animals like grizzly and black bears, moose, gray wolfs, foxes and forests covered with ferns and mosses, Denali offers you a wilderness that’s untouched and unaltered. Besides, it has the beautiful Mount McKinley, North America’s highest mountain. Holidaying in the sub-artic and witnessing the overpowering mountain will be for sure a truly remarkable experience!

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