My coffee story

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My coffee story

The thing is I don’t have a coffee story. I am not a connoisseur of coffee. I never developed a taste for coffee. I can’t even tell the difference between an espresso, mocha or a latte. However I like the word brew. I love the aroma coming from a freshly brewed cup. I like how it feels when my hands are wrapped around a coffee mug on a cold morning. I love the idea of a sofa, a book and a cup of coffee. Really, I could go on and on even though I haven’t said, “this is a damn fine cup of coffee” even a single time.

I have a picture of a room in my mind. It is my dream room. A cozy little room filled with good books, comfy armchairs, throws and shaggy rugs, complete with a coffee bar. This is my room for quiet contemplation. A place to create. A place to hibernate. A place to escape the blah, blah, blah of everyday life.

My dream room might have coffee brewing in some corner, but frankly, I don’t have a relationship with coffee yet. To start with, I don’t know what kind of coffee I like. For sure, I do not like milky brews, I hate bitter black shots, and I am not a big fan of iced coffee. I don’t need this hot stuff to kickstart my morning, and I detest its aftertaste. So you see, drinking coffee just isn’t my cup of tea!

But, here’s the thing. I’m a big sucker for anything “gourmet” or “artisan”, whether it is breads, cookies or ice creams. More than the taste, I like how I feel or think about them. Ambitious, honest, down to earth, flamboyant yet homely – I see these words written all over them. I like the lineup; it has all my favorite words. Surprisingly, it has just about all the words I would normally associate with my kind of man.

Lately, I have been trying a lot of gourmet coffee. Drinking up different roasts, blends and flavor enhancements. This is to understand coffee better, and to have a to-go coffee, just like everybody else. Also, with the onset of winter it was about time I replaced cold beer with a hot cuppa.


My most favorite coffee of the lot! When the brown liquid steered its way up to meet a cloud of cold cream, the flavor just burst in my mouth. Warm, toasty and mildly sugared, I would love to meet this Irishman after a heavy meal.


Its very first sip transported me to my room where I was in my fleece pajama tucked under a warm blanket. I like airy and light drinks so this café au lait felt heavy in my mouth. Nevertheless, it created a happy little scenario in my mind, and this, I loved it!


A perfectly concotioned “ginger and cinnamon” drink with a hint of molasses and nutmeg! There was something very honest about her; maybe it was her bittersweet taste. The latte reminded me of snow, jingle bells, and all the winter niceties!


The first sip had all the magic. The caramel sauce, whipped cream, sugar and sea salt fusion hit me hard, and I fell in love. Alas, love faded and got diluted with every other sip. Creamy, buttery, sugary, salty…there were many sides to this mocha.

I hope my coffee story warmed you to your bones!

Happy Winters!

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