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Foods I thought I hated!

We can debate for hours as to why we don’t like certain foods. But sometimes it’s all in the head, don’t you think? Either the thought of them makes us sick or we don’t eat because we think we don’t like them. I have my own list of such foods; only difference is I have a different relationship with them today. I’ve also realized that if you can trick your mind into trying the untried then a big reward awaits you. Either an ambrosial affair to remember or a possible chance of turning hate into love.

Although it took me years to gather courage to try my first Sushi, it didn’t take much to fall in love with it! I had been avoiding Sushi all these years because of the buzz around raw fish. But the raw truth was while the fish was cooked (in most of the rolls), it was served differently. It was served cold. It was finally in the summer of 2011 while vacationing in San Francisco that I ordered my first Sushi, a California roll with a bunch of sides – miso soup, salad, edamame and kimchi. That one affair led to another, and today I am head over heels in love with the rice delicacy. Those small bites are real big in taste! One year later I tried Sashimi – the raw version. Surprisingly I liked that too!

Few days after my successful Sushi antic, I took my next giant step. I tasted Soy Milk. Now Soy Milk is something I was always fascinated with, but I never tried it because I never liked milk. But one fine day I picked up a carton of Silk’s Original Soy milk while doing my grocery shopping at Walmart. I came home and fixed myself a drink; tall, cold and neat. And there I was…drunk in love! The Soy Milk was creamy but watery, sweet but nutty, and I liked that confusing texture!

Some attracted me instantly; in other cases I had to work hard. I thank God I never gave up on Buffalo Chicken Wings otherwise today I wouldn’t be drooling all over just at its very thought! The chicken was always a friend; its sauce was the enemy. I hated the offensive smell, and hated more when the tangy smell would go straight up in my nose even before I would take my first bite. But today I am a different person. Today I see those wings differently, and understand why the entire country is obsessed with them. The news is that last year on Super Bowl Sunday – the national football day and supposedly the second biggest eating day of the year, Americans ate an estimated 1.23 billion chicken wings!

Apart from Buffalo wings, Americans are also crazy about Honey Mustard. The versatile accompaniment can be a wonderful sauce for salads and sandwiches or a great dip for your fries! I always stayed away from this yellow paste because I hated how two different ingredients were put together in one. I thought it was an awful idea, a bad marriage. But when I finally had it, Honey Mustard on my chicken sandwich, that’s when I saw that the pairing was alright, if not perfect. Maybe with more sampling, I’ll be able to understand the taste better.

What I take away from this culinary journey is, we can alter the way our taste buds are wired, and yes, it helps to give a chance to “hated” foods. By doing so, you only expand your culinary repertoire and get an opportunity to sample new flavors of life. Besides the fact that there will be newer foods to adorn your table and impress your guests!

Is there a food you think you hate?

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  1. VIWA February 1, 2014 at 10:02 am - Reply

    @Roh – Broccoli is one of the most hated food…! I find Broccoli okay, not a big fan.

  2. Roh January 31, 2014 at 10:01 pm - Reply

    Foods I think I hate… Umm , has to be that broccoli soup that I make. though it’s a big fav among family but I still shudder to sip it. Imagine milk n veg in one bowl.. Eeehhh

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