You are what you drink!

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You are what you drink!

What’s in your glass can say a lot about you. You may make a great first impression with your hair and makeup but my dear girl, your drink will do the rest of the talking. Unfortunately, it’ll reveal a tad more about who you are! Your personality, state of mind, intention, and how you may act later are just few of those exposés your drink will reinforce later in the evening.

So, fill your glass, have a sip and brace yourself to see what your drink tells about you!


If you drink BEER…

You are a chilled out gal! Not just friendly and jovial, but you are also somebody who is easy going and down-to-earth. If you’re seen hanging out with friends, it means you are out there to have a good time – crack jokes and laugh at them, laugh at each other, eat fries and chicken wings, sip beer and talk rubbish. You’re not in a mood to discuss current affairs, neither you want to do calorie counting today. All you want is to drink Budweiser straight from the bottle and keep going because you have a reputation to live up to.


If you drink WINE…

Well…you could either be a connoisseur or the pretentious kind. If you are the former, then you know terminologies like appellation, body, texture and viscosity. You are successful in your profession and make good bucks, or at least you look like “one of them.” If you are the latter, then you are a regular girl who works hard and parties occasionally due to peer pressure. However, in the company of people who know their drink, you just want to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, and probably run away from there!


If you drink SCOTCH…

Scotch is a man’s drink. So if you are a woman and you drink Scotch, it means you’re a modern and mature being who’s successful, self-reliant, and maybe slightly dominant. Or, you could be drinking to give company to your Scotch-loving husband. Male drinkers are usually perceived as people who are sorted, organized, and who know what they are doing with their lives. A group of men with a bottle of Black Label usually means they are drinking and discussing the heavy stuff, like the socio-political issues of the country, or how to save the world.


If you drink VODKA…

You care about your clothes, makeup, hair, shoe and you like going for parties once in a while. But here’s a secret, you hardly ever drink! “I hate beer, what the hell, I can’t even stand alcohol, but what do I do while they drink away to glory”…It is under this social pressure that Vodka comes into play. You drink Vodka not because you like it but because you have a social obligation to fulfill. Vodka with orange juice is a beautiful drink but if you overdo, you’re bound to throw up in the carpet even before reaching the bathroom.


If you drink TEQUILA…

T is for Tequila but T is for Tornado too! If Tequila is your go-to drink, then God save you from the mess! If you do the T shots, one, two, three, four and umpteen times, it means you are a wild, untamed freaky Friday girl. But under your roof, you can be quite tamed and sober. Just like Tequila, you are unpredictable, adventurous and fun to be with. You are the life of the party after couple of shots and you keep gulping down even if it means waking up with a nasty headache the next day!


If you drink MARTINI…

If you drink Martini, you probably are a James Bond fan. You wear expensive clothes and drive a fancy car, either borrowed or bought with your own hard earned money. You have some knowledge about your drink, and when you throw fancy terms like Vodka Martini and Appletini, you prove people wrong who thought you were just another pompous creature! A man with Martini can look quite feminine, but you’ll soon notice his good fashion sense and state of mind. If he’s a young lad, it means he’s trying hard to impress you. An old man means he’s simply having a mid life crisis!

Keep aside all the drinking myths and tales for another day. Get up…re-fill, rejoice and reminisce. You are much more than your drink today!

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    • VIWA August 23, 2013 at 7:13 am - Reply

      @ Roh – Thanks…you are what you eat, but it looks like you are what you drink too!!

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