Age Forty


Age Forty

I am on firm ground
Standing tall and proud
Not afraid to grow
Not shying away to show
Coupla dollars and a home so good
My dear husband and an expanding brood.

Basking in the glory of my feat
My life’s journey
On this milestone number forty.

But when the knees get shaky
That’s when I start to worry
I feel my youth slipping away
Like grains of sand filtering through my hands
Few gray hairs hiding in the black base
Embarrassed and feeling out of place
These wrinkles and fine lines
Making less of the twinkle of my eyes
My old genes struggling to fit into my “young” jeans
These signs and clues
Telling me my prime is through
That I am no longer a young sapling
And that I’m old to have my last wild fling.

From age forty when I look
Into my twenty
I’m hopelessly in love
Think we fit like a glove
I’m always in crisis
Reaching out to my sis
I’m drinking beer
Hanging out with friends
Enjoying each day like it’s the world ends
Gossiping and bitching
To boy rumors I’m giggling
I’m so young and reckless
Full of drama, blessed with age
As if time hasn’t touched my base
That’s the best part
You are forever young in your past.

From age forty when I look
Into my sixty
There’s a fading memory
A bit of melancholy
Thinning hair
An expanding waistline
A weakening mind
But I’ll also have a gold mine
Silver in my hair
Pearls in my teeth
Diamonds in my kidney
In my big six
I’ll rise again like a phoenix!

The sun is setting
Slowly and steadily
So I might as well enjoy the view
And this moment of eternity.

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