We make them alive when dead

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We make them alive when dead

We don’t say “I love you” when they are alive
Stay composed and pretend we don’t care
We say “I love you” when they are gone
Cry and shout aloud
But alas! they wouldn’t hear
For they wouldn’t be near.

Their pictures we don’t print
Our house never has their footprint
We display our holiday pictures on the mantel
“Will take you next time”, we always tell
But when they are gone
We give them the best place
Put them inside the frames
Light a candle, chant their names
When alive, we don’t treat them as person
When dead, we treat them as God.

Our excuses we maximize
Our visits we minimize
Always take them for granted
Keep the relationship tainted
When alive, we point a finger at the issue
When dead, we resolve with a hand holding a tissue
Every weekend, every month
Keep busy visiting their grave
Try to make up with a lousy engrave
Write on them “I love you my sweet darling”
Alas! It’s only then we express our true feeling.

On their birthdays never send them greeting
Always wait for Christmas to buy them something
We don’t celebrate
Our wishes reach them late
But when they are dead, we bake a lovely cake
Buy a whole bouquet
Alone we sing a duet
Even travel across the whole city
To donate to their favorite charity.

When alive, we keep mum
Keep their talks to a minimum
When dead, we tell their story
Praise them for their victory
When alive, we treat them as zero
But when gone, we make them our hero.

We stand on their tombstones
Hug and kiss their bones
Chit chat with them
Share a joke, pull their leg
Laugh with them
Cry with them
Let them inside our secrets
Show them our kids and pets
Wish we did the same
To us when they came
It’s today I realize
That strange is our ways
When they are alive, we treat them as dead
When they are dead, we make them more alive.

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  1. Anita niraula July 16, 2016 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    Superb. Keep it up

    • VIWA July 17, 2016 at 4:47 pm - Reply

      @ Anita – Thanks 🙂

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