A perfect day

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A perfect day


The sky smiles a brilliant blue
Fluffy clouds dances in the rich hue
When light shines through
The earth receives its due
Sky today is pure with blessings in galore
Not one bit of blotch
Not a single trace of last night’s storm

So vast and deep with enormous space

Oh! Swallow me whole in your sweet embrace
For today is a perfect day
For there may not be another day.

A cool gust of wind as it goes by
Caresses my bare
Tangles my hair
Jolts me up from my reverie
Bringing me back to reality
Whispering sweet words into my ear
Or, is it conveying a message from my dear?

The crisp fall leaves rustle in the breeze
Rabbits run in the crunch of dead leaves
A wind chime dances nearby
Creating a sweet lullaby
Water gently cascades down a fountain
The trickle giving you peace of a mountain
A blue bird tweets atop a tree
Few ducks quack
Two frogs crack
The wind sweeps down the plain
Like a crazy lover in pain
Today my world is an orchestra
Where music is the mantra
A playful melody of sorts
Beating to its full lots.

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