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A Mouthful of Nice!

You’ve wooed your woman or maybe even married her, now how about sending a small message that you still care. Often times, a woman is heard telling a man ‘you don’t understand me’ or ‘you never notice’. We thought of making life easier for men and giving them the power of five phrases that’s proven to work like magic on any woman. Keep false flattery aside as she is smart enough to make out you’re simply playing!

Little words with power-packed meanings are what she needs to hear again and again. Say the right thing and you don’t have to do anything else to please her.

“Did you cut your hair?”

Even as simple as this, but remember, it works wonder. We women don’t crave for attention all of those 24 hours, but we like when men notice, whether it is a new handbag we’re carrying or a new perfume or a significant new bangs we’re wearing. Your woman will like it too if you notice what’s happening on/around/in her. It sounds like a helluva task but our world is quite small; shoes, clothes, bags and hair clips are all we have.

“You look gorgeous.”

It is no secret by now that women love compliments, so please let them coming. Especially a genuine one like ‘what’s that eye make up called, it looks real sexy on you’ is enough to bring twinkle to her eyes and broaden her smile. Not to forget, you’re also boosting her self-confidence by making her feel good. So if you like what you see, just tell her upfront. After all, who doesn’t like appreciation of a job well done, isn’t it?

“Let me make breakfast today.”

She’s been making your breakfast and lunch and dinner for so long, now how about surprising someday with ‘Honey, let me make it today’. The day you say this, you’ll be getting a ‘So sweet, thank you’, followed by a special dinner in the evening. Action matters and when a man shows a gesture like this, going in the kitchen to cook for her, she’ll start worshiping you, she’ll even start liking your mom.

“What do you think I should be wearing to the party?”

Women likes when men ask her about her opinions…on anything and everything. Her suggestion may conflict with your taste or perspective and you might later scrap hers and take yours, but it’ll at least tell her that you value her thoughts. Consulting her on important matters like tax and business deals will flatter her greatly. Besides, you know that sometimes the best solution comes from the most unlikely sources!

“How was your day?”

She’ll be flattered to know you want to know but be prepared for what’s coming towards you…her girl friend’s dilemma, her granny’s health problem, an old friend she met at the grocery store and why they aren’t in good terms anymore and stuff like that. So, this is a tricky question but if you have the time in hand, ask her. She’ll be elated and might bake you some cookies to go on with the coffee and conversation.

Wining and dinning, and gifts in galore are, definite women pleasers but doesn’t work at all times. But words not only work but also make a whole lot of difference. Go head, grab a mouthful of nice words and throw them at her. She’ll love it, love it and love it!

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