Lessons from 2016

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Lessons from 2016

I think I drank too much of life last year because every morning I wake up feeling like I have a terrible hangover.

New year may have started for the world, but for me it hasn’t. I am still drunk in love for good o’le twenty-sixteen. I am still in pain. I am still thinking about my old flame.

Stories end. Relationships end. Years end. I guess we all become a bit sad when things end. I guess we all need closure at the end. The only wise way to leave the baggage of the past behind is by indulging in the nostalgia one last time, romancing your darling for the final time, and also making notes of all the experiences and lessons learned. Only then we become ready; ready to begin a new chapter and move forward in life.

Today, I am going to do just that.

If you don’t try new things, you’re losing the only chance to know yourself better.

I have been going for Zumba and Bollywood dance classes for sometime now. Along with these, my occasional walks and light weight lifting make up my fitness regime. But this year, I stepped outside my comfort zone. I started running, and this was something I thought I could never do. I thought it was one of the hardest things ever! It so happened one ordinary day that I decided to go for a little run, and to my surprise, I ran a whole of 1.8 miles! Needless to say I was super happy, but more important, I realized my true potential and strength, and also how far I could go if I just pushed myself. Not just in running but also in other aspects of life. After all, life is like a marathon, and we are all trying to catch up, isn’t it? I better train hard! I run about three times a week these days, frankly just to re-live that awesome day again and again.

I cannot afford the things I can buy.

When I was a little girl, I dreamt about chocolate fountains and ice creams swirls…like every other kid. But now that I am all grown up, have zero restriction, and have the money too; I just cannot buy these sweet treats! “Calories” seem to have beaten me in my own game. Put me in a place where I feel helpless, and sort of poor. While shopping at Kroger the other day, I saw a gorgeous 500-calorie blueberry cheesecake for $4. There was also a big triangle of a 600-calorie pecan pie for $3. I stood there for 30 minutes or more ogling at the entire dessert shelf like a pervert trying to make what seemed like the most important decision of my life. The decision to buy or not to buy. Of course, I didn’t buy anything… I just couldn’t buy!

If money can buy me happiness, I’ll run to the nearest mall.

Happiness has become such a rare and expensive commodity that sometimes we have to do whatever it takes to make us smile. I believe happiness is a choice you make, a gift you give yourself, and really not a state of mind, as the books say so. There are times – infact many times – when I have felt happier just by buying a $8 lipstick or a $10 earring. Even now when I look at these mood-lifting frivolous buys, they bring me memories of being happy when I bought them or when I wore them or when I clicked a picture and sent it across on WhatsApp. Whether I would be happy tomorrow wasn’t even in my mind then. I keep kidding with my husband that I’ll keep some coins handy incase, god forbid, I run out of happiness again.

When you get tired of bananas, go make a banana sundae.

My husband and I eat more or less the same foods every day. Sure, we cringe and get bored but the deal is as long as one of us doesn’t get really bored, we’ll keep it that way. So to keep things interesting and going, I decided to make little changes so that my ordinary food feels like gourmet. By doing so, I started to realize that how by just dressing them up or serving differently or eating differently, I could start liking my food even better. I soaked my oats in coconut milk, turned my veggies into a smoothie bowl, made latte art on my coffee and ate Maggi noodles with chopsticks. My little project is still on, but now I have started applying it outside my kitchen too.

As I embark upon this new journey with 2017, I hope new adventures, new experiences, and an exciting new romance await me down the road.

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